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Friday, February 3, 2017

Calling for societal renewal through cross-cultural and interfaith research, education, dialogue and understanding and upholding the universal values of freedom, justice, peace, democracy and prosperity for all in the 21st Century.


THE BOOK: "Liberation: 
A Quest For A New Humanism."

AUTHOR: Dr. Hashim El- Tinay, Founder/President, The International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI).


We are exceedingly pleased to announce the release into the world literary market of the book, "Liberation: A Quest For A New Humanism," written by Dr. Hashim El- Tinay, a renowned peace advocate and Founder/President, The International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI).


Dually an African story of revolution, exile and hope; and a seeker's quest for freedom, justice and peace, the book stands firmly on a foundation rooted in the human spirit of Love, Peace and Dignity, and the virtue of leading by example. Rich in snippets of the author's future memoir, it depicts his childhood as a peaceful herdsman in his native Sudan, his early inclination towards community service, and his early quest for advocacy for the defenseless and the voiceless. 

The thesis of the book is that all people, regardless of race, class, religion, ideology, gender, and sexual orientation are by birth, and by default, hostage to their circumstances, and that governments and governance models appear to be bewildered by the ever increasing human complexity and are becoming too inefficient and corrupt to adequately serve the people's interests. Whence the author's call for grassroots civic education, and for a peaceful liberation from this state of siege to usher in an awakening of the human spirit and the emergence of a new humanism in the 21st Century.

In the belief that the peace-centered vision that he has for humanity is primarily rooted in African spirituality, the author hopes to deepen dialogue, raise awareness, increase consciousness, challenge the dominant paradigm, and ultimately contribute to an awakening of the dormant human spirit, all in a hope to approach a more reconciled, peaceful and joyous New World.


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Available in Paperback @ $19.99

Also available on Barnes & Noble, and a host of other marketing platforms.

HRH Yomi Garnett, MD
Strategic Communications Advisor
International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI)
725 24th Street NW
Foggy Bottom,
Washington DC 20037-2508

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Dr. Hashim El-Tinay, 
Author, Liberation: 
FounderInternational Peace Quest Institute (IPQI)
725 24th Street, NW, Suite 518
Washington, DC 20037

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, 
committed citizens can change the world. Margaret Mead

Promoting a more enlightened 21 century peace-centered approach to public policy, governance and international relations. 

Working for societal renewal and transformation through cross-cultural and interfaith research, education and dialogue for freedom, social and economic justice, dignity and peace, locally and globally .

HISTORY: IPQI's vision was initially incorporated in Paris, France in 1985. Since 2002, it is a Washington, DC-based 501 (C) 3 non-profit think tank/NGO with grass roots presence in Khartoum, Sudan, Nairobi, Kenya and Paris, France.

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